Winter Sports

Winter Sports Travel Insurance

Extra Protection in case of:
  • Sports Equipment Damage;
  • Ski Pack Expenses;
  • Piste Closure;
  • Avalanche Closure.

Traveling during the winter holidays to enjoy a couple of days of winter sport activities is something most enthusiasts wait for a whole year. While winter sports are a great way to enjoy the cold season it does come with some risks. Insurance providers have thus created winter sports travel insurance, to provide protection for travelers especially interested in winter sports.

The basics of winter sports travel insurance:

Winter-Cover-Travel-Insurance-Policy-Features2Like any regular travel insurance policy, winter sports policies will protect you against the regular situations, such as medical emergencies, trip cancellation, interruption, personal liability or possession loss but in addition also provides coverage for winter sports related incidents. Europe is home to some of the best and safest ski slopes in the world but even with great conditions like those found in Europe you can never plan for everything. Winter sports travel insurance is created especially to protect travelers against anything that may occur on and off the slopes.

Before purchasing winter sports travel insurance it is important to know what insurance providers define as “winter sports”. The two main activities classified as winter sports are skiing and snowboarding. Other activities can be included in winter sports such as bob-sleighing, ice-hockey or cross country skiing. Riding a snowboard or ski can occur on-piste and off-piste.

It is important to remember that insurance providers will not cover skiers that ride off-piste in zones deemed unsafe by the ski center. Winter sports travel insurance is also one of the few policy types with an age limit. The usual age restriction for winter sports insurance is 65.

What does winter sports travel insurance cover?

Winter sports travel insurance will always cover the basics, the same as regular single trip insurance policies with added coverage for winter sports. Here is what a basic winter sports travel insurance policy would cover:

• Medical coverage. This includes emergency medical expenses as well as repatriation, dental treatment and hospital confinement costs;
• Trip cancellation coverage. Cancellation coverage will also provide protection against loss of trip plan deposits;
• Personal accident coverage. This type of coverage will offer financial protection against loss of limbs, permanent total disablement or even death;
• Loss of personal possessions. Depending on the insurer and policy you choose, the list of personal possessions covered can be different. With this type of coverage you can cover each item individually or purchase coverage for your entire valuables;
• Documents, passport and personal money coverage;
• Personal liability and rented accommodation coverage;
• Winter sports equipment coverage. Can include coverage for individual, pair or sets of articles as well as delayed arrival of ski equipment;
• Winter sports equipment hire coverage;
• Ski pack coverage;
• Piste closure coverage and avalanche closure coverage.

For the winter sports enthusiast that cannot get enough of winter, insurance providers have created annual winter sports travel insurance. This type of policy provides the coverage of winter sports travel insurance combined with the convenience of annual multi-trip insurance.