Adventure Activities Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance for Adventure and Sports Activities

For Adventure Activities like:
  • Bungee Jumping;
  • Mountain Biking;
  • Parachuting, Gliding;
  • And many others.

Similar to winter sports travel insurance, sports activities insurance policies aim to protect the adventurous travelers that choose to partake in extreme sports activities while traveling. Extreme sports that this type of insurance policy covers are: skydiving, bungee jumping and even less extreme sports like windsurfing or golf.

The basics of adventure activities travel insurance:

Sports-insurance-Categoriy-featuresTravel insurance with sports activities coverage was created because most insurers do not include dangerous activities in regular policies. Many travelers have purchased regular travel insurance expecting to be covered for any reason and during their hospitalization finding out that they have to pay for everything themselves.The extent of coverage of any sports activities travel insurance depends on the insurance provider you choose. In some cases, even if the sport activity you want to take part in is indeed covered by the insurance policy there may be some restrictions.

An example of possible restrictions for winter sports is in the case of scuba diving. While the insurer will provide protection against any injuries that occur during the time practicing scuba diving you will not be covered if you dive more than 30 meters (may differ depending on insurance provider). This is the same as winter sports insurance not covering policyholders skiing of-piste in restricted areas.

What does adventure activities travel insurance cover?

Sports activities travel insurance will always provide the same benefits a regular single trip insurance policy would but with added medical coverage for sports. Here are some of the activities covered by this type of policy:

��� Extreme sports. Regular insurance policies will never cover high risk activities. Extreme sports like high altitude climbing, white water rafting, skydiving present a much higher risk of injury.
• Climbing. Sports activities are divided into different risk levels and generally climbing is categorized as a high risk activity. Ice climbing and alpine mountaineering have different degrees of risk and it is important to carefully inquire if the insurer will cover you.
• Scuba diving. The extent of coverage for scuba diving depends on the insurance provider you choose as some provide only up to certain levels. For example some insurers will only cover in open water while some even as deep as 40 meters.
• Mountain Biking. While considered a lower risk sports activity, a large number of minor injuries have occurred while biking. If purchasing sports activities travel insurance for mountain biking it is important to make sure you are covered under the right category, as mountain biking consists of many different activities such as downhill or track mountain biking.
• Lower risk activities. Sailing, kayaking, canoeing, surfing, cycle touring or windsurfing are generally found in the low risk activities category. While these activities may be less risky, having search & rescue cover and equipment cover is still important, as accidents do occur.

As with all travel insurance policies, it is always important to carefully read all aspects of the policy before purchasing.