Travel Insurance for Pre-existing Medical Conditions

Pre-existing Medical Conditions Travel Insurance

Covers Conditions such as:
  • Diabetes;
  • Epilepsy;
  • Cancer;
  • Heart Conditions.

Medical coverage is one of the most important parts of the travel insurance policy along with trip cancellation, personal accident and loss of possession but it can sometimes be misunderstood. Regular medical coverage on a travel insurance policy will never provide protection against pre-existing medical conditions.

The basics of pre-existing medical conditions travel insurance:

pre-existing-conditions-travel-insurance-featuresPre-existing medical conditions travel insurance is a special type of insurance policy designed for travelers that suffer from certain medical conditions that regular travel insurance cannot cover. Most of the claims rejected by insurance companies happen because the customer does not clearly read the policy or did not understand why medical coverage did not cover their pre-existing illness.

This is why it is important first of all to understand what pre-existing conditions are. Pre-existing medical conditions are defined as: any injury, disease or illness that occurs before the insurance policy’s effective date. If symptoms have already appeared, medical attention has been sought or prescriptions have been charged, it is also considered a pre-existing condition.

The reason why regular medical coverage will not cover pre-existing medical conditions is because of the higher risk customers in this situation pose. This is why this special policy type has been created. This is also why the premiums for pre-existing medical conditions travel insurance will be higher than for regular policies.

When purchasing pre-existing conditions travel insurance it is of the utmost importance do offer full disclosure about any medical conditions that may resurface during your trip because if you file a claim for an unspecified medical condition you will not receive any benefits.

What does pre-existing medical conditions travel insurance cover?

• Medical coverage. This includes emergency medical expenses as well as repatriation, dental treatment and hospital confinement costs;
• Trip cancellation coverage. Cancellation coverage will also provide protection against loss of trip plan deposits;
• Personal accident coverage. This type of coverage will offer financial protection against loss of limbs, permanent total disablement or even death;
• Loss of personal possessions. Depending on the insurer and policy you choose, the list of personal possessions covered can be different. With this type of coverage you can cover each item individually or purchase coverage for your entire valuables;
• Pre-existing medical conditions mentioned during the medical screening process.

It is important to note that certain conditions may apply to the extent of coverage offered in the sections mentioned above. We recommend you carefully read the entire travel insurance policy before purchasing pre-existing medical conditions coverage.

Advice on traveling with Diabetes

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