Travel Insurance for Senior Travelers

Over 65’s Travel Insurance

Extra Protection for Seniors:
  • Pre-existing Conditions;
  • Medical Emergencies;
  • Personal Accidents;
  • Loss of Possessions.

Travel insurance for people over 65 years of age is not something all insurers are willing to provide, due to the health risk seniors travelers are exposed to. While not all insurers will provide travel insurance to over 65 year olds, there are specialized companies in the UK that are willing to take a risk and cover travelers over the age of 65.

The basics of Over 65’s Travel Insurance:

over-65-s-senior-travel-insurance-featuresTravel insurance for seniors will always be more expensive than for younger travelers. Usually, customers over the age of 50 will already experience an increase in the price of premiums due to health related issues. The more you advance in age, the more your health becomes a risk to the insurance provider, which explains the higher premiums. Because the number one problem for the insurer when selling over 65 travel insurance is health, the customer will always be required to answer a few health related questions. Based on those answers, the customer will get a quote.

Answering all of the insurer’s questions honestly is very important because if you will need to file a claim for an unspecified reason, the insurer will not be able to cover you.It is important to know that insurers will investigate your background when you file a claim and if they find something you failed to specify about your medical condition you can end up without protection. This is why you should always answer honestly.

What does Over 65’s Travel Insurance cover?

Travel insurance policies for travelers over the age of 65 vary according to the insurer you choose to purchase from and the type of policy you need. As with other policy types, Over 65 travel insurance can be purchased as a single trip policy or an annual multi-trip insurance policy. Here is what you can expect from a regular single trip insurance policy for persons over the age of 65:

• Medical coverage. This includes emergency medical expenses as well as repatriation, dental treatment and hospital confinement costs;
• Trip cancellation coverage. Cancellation coverage will also provide protection against loss of trip plan deposits;
• Personal accident coverage. This type of coverage will offer financial protection against loss of limbs, permanent total disablement or even death;
• Travel delay coverage as well as missed departure coverage;
• Loss of personal possessions. Depending on the insurer and policy you choose, the list of personal possessions covered can be different. With this type of coverage you can cover each item individually or purchase coverage for your entire valuables;
• Documents, passport and personal money coverage;
• Personal liability and rented accommodation coverage.

The benefits of travel insurance for people of 65 years of age:

The most important benefit of over 65’s travel insurance is the added coverage for medical expenses as well as extra coverage for cancellation and curtailment.

Over 65’s travel insurance also provides coverage for a wide range of activities with a lower price than regular travel insurance policies due to the fact that seniors are less likely to take part in dangerous activities while traveling.