Travel Insurance for Non UK and (Non EU Residents no longer covered)

Travel Insurance for Non UK and (Non EU Residents no longer covered)

As a resident of the United Kingdom it’s quite easy to get instant quotes for travel insurance. Our website alone provides many different choices for many types of travel insurance policies. Aside from these policies, you can find on right here travel insurance quotes for non UK residents living at the moment in any of Travel Insurance for Non UK Residentsthe EEA countries.

How is a UK resident defined?

To be able to understand what a non UK travel insurance is good for it is important to understand what a UK resident is. This being Canada goose Parka said: a person who has resided in the UK for more than 183 days (6 months) in a tax year will be a resident for the remainder of said year.

To be able to apply for travel insurance you will also have to be registered with a medical doctor in the UK. This is important because medical files are checked before a travel insurance policy can be issued.

The 183 day minimum stay guarantees that you will be considered a UK resident but there are also exceptions to this rule. Here are some situations where a person is considered a UK resident even without residing 183 days:

• Having family ties in the UK (spouse, civil partner, children, other close family members);
• Social ties (memberships to clubs, societies, events attended regularly);
• Business ties (owning a company or business based in the UK);
• Property ties (owning a house or apartment held for investment or accommodation.

If you find yourself in one of the situations above you will most likely be classified as a UK resident much faster than 183 days. The frequency at which you visit the UK will also impact the period of time necessary for you to become a resident.

Once a resident you will be able to apply for any of the travel insurance policies provided by UK insurers.

Non EU residents are no longer covered!

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Travel insurance for Non UK residents:

Even if you are not a UK resident and even if you live outside of the UK you can still apply for travel insurance on our website. Many of the insurers we work with offer quotes for non-UK travel insurance for residents of any country from the European Union and the EEA. The countries in the European Economical Area include the European Union countries plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

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