Expat Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance for UK Expatriates

Policy Includes Cover For:
  • Pre-existing Conditions;
  • Medical/Dental Expenses
  • Missed Departure;
  • Personal Liabilty;

Travel insurance for expats is a type of policy that is designed to cover the specific needs of any UK expatriate currently residing within the European Union. Expat travel insurance is available to all UK expatriates up to the age of 84 as well as their dependents, is very easy to customize according to your needs and is affordable, with equal premiums regardless of the EU country you currently reside in.

The basics of expat travel insurance:

travel-insurance-for-non-uk-residents-featuresUK expatriates can now benefit from the same travel insurance that UK residents can by applying for an expat insurance policy. This type of insurance policy will cover you for single trips, annual travel needs and long stay trips.

Policyholders can also add various types of cover to suit their needs and their budget. Some of the coverage types that can be added include winter sports cover, hazard cover for adventure trips or business cover.

A great advantage to these insurance policies is that the premiums do not vary depending on the EU country you are currently residing in, they are the same for all EU residents. In addition, formal residential documents are not required in order to get a travel insurance policy. This policy was designed to provide the best value for travelers residing outside of the UK.

What does expat travel insurance cover?

Travel insurance for UK expats can be used to cover the policyholder for single trips but can also be used for annual multi trip coverage. While the policyholder can customize the insurance policy to a degree by adding or removing specific types of coverage, here are some basics types of coverage that come with this travel insurance policy:

• Medical coverage. Will cover the costs of medical assistance provided in case of accidents sustained during your trip, dental treatments, hospital confinement or emergency repatriation.
• Trip cancellation coverage. Cover for unrecoverable costs such as deposits in the unfortunate case you need to cancel or cut your trip short as a result of illness, death, injury or redundancy.
• Pre-existing conditions. Expat insurance will cover the medical expenses for emergencies caused by most pre-existing conditions.
• Missed Departure. Will cover the cost of reasonable accommodations in case you have missed your outward or inward transport departure due to an accident, public transport failure or vehicle breakdown.
• Personal liability. Cover the costs if you are legally liable to pay compensation from causing someone else bodily damage or causing damage to the rented accommodations.

Expatriate Travel Insurance Benefits:

This type of insurance policy is available to all UK expats currently residing in the EU up to the age of 84 and the insurance premiums will be equal regardless of the current country of residence. The policy will include most pre-existing medical conditions, however we recommend you contact the insurer to make sure your specific condition is covered.

The policy can be customized to cover you, your family or your group while for a single trip or with annual coverage for multiple trips. You can also choose worldwide cover if traveling to several countries all over the world. Extra cover can also be added to provide protection for specific activities like winter sports or extreme sports. Expat travel insurance is a comprehensive and affordable policy for all UK expatriates