Adventure Travel Ideas for 2013, Part I

  • 1.thailand-kayak
  • 2.chengdu
  • 3.morrocco
  • 4.vietnam
  • 5.macchu_pichu
  • 6.provence
  • Shark Alley at Hol Chan reserve, Ambergris Caye,Belize

The 2013 summer is upon us and while most of us know where we’ll be spending our weeks off from work, others may not have had time to prepare. For those that love to travel but were swamped in other affairs we have compiled a list, a few adventure travel ideas with places around the world that must be seen. So even if you won’t choose it this summer, there’s always next year.

Adventure Travel Ideas for 2013, Part II

  • 8-kenya
  • 9-croatia
  • 10-nepal
  • 11.victoria-falls
  • 12-scottish-highland
  • 13-rhone-aples
  • 14-norway
  • 15-caribbean

In the second part of the Adventure Travel Ideas for 2013 list we will take you through beautiful sandy beaches in the Caribbean, through grasslands in Africa and Highlands in Scottland and all the way up to the peaks of the world in the Himalayan mountains of Nepal.

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