Adventure Travel Ideas for 2013, Part I

Adventure Travel Ideas for 2013, Part I

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  • Shark Alley at Hol Chan reserve, Ambergris Caye,Belize

The 2013 summer is upon us and while most of us know where we’ll be spending our weeks off from work, others may not have had time to prepare. For those that love to travel but were swamped in other affairs we have compiled a list, a few adventure travel ideas with places around the world that must be seen. So even if you won’t choose it this summer, there’s always next year.

Ideas for all types of travel adventure:

Trip Guardian’s 15 choices for adventure travel this year should include all types of adventures, sports, trekking, hiking, biking and many more, from mountain peaks to sandy shores. Read on and see which one makes your inner traveller smile more:


1.thailand-kayakOne of the more up and coming new travel spot is Thailand and it’s reputation for a fantastic adventure destination is growing quickly. Thailand is a fantastic place for many different adventurous activities like sea kayaking, cave abseiling or rock climbing on fantastic limestone cliffs that rise from the Andaman Sea. You can also partake in wonderful jungle treks and canopy tours. The northern mountains of Thailand offer great oportunities for outdoor adventures as well.

Chengdu – Sichuan Province in China

2.chengduThe mountainous region of Chengdu from the Sichuan Province of China is the perfect place for the traveler that loves adventure. This place is perfect for those that love to practice whitewater rafting or enjoy river journeys. In the high mountain valleys of Chengdu you will find the Yellow Dragon National Park, a place that offers many different adventure options.


3.morroccoThe unending dune fields of the Sahara cover most of the southern Moroccan border and are just a small part of what this country can offer to its travellers. Some of the most common adventure activities this part of the world are camel safaris through the desert region of Morrocco, or four wheel trips through the red sands. One of the additional perks of these trips is the fantastic night sky in the desert.


4.vietnamA country known around the world for it’s dense and lively jungles will surely never dissapoint it’s visitors. One of the main adventure activities in this country is obviously jungle trekking. The long walks through the vietnamese jungle will reveal a great diversity of plants and wildlife. The oldest national park in Vietnam, Cuc Phuong is the home of more than 40 biodiversity hotspots and more than 300 types of tropical birds.

Machu Picchu – Sacred Valley in Peru

5.macchu_pichuThe Inka Trail in the Sacred Valley of Peru is probably the most famouns hiking trail in the world. Travel through the Lost Cities of the Incas, deep in the Amazonian jungle at an altitude of 2133 meters from sea level. The ancient road of Machu Picchu treks more than 40 kilometers from Cuzco, through the deep Andean mountains. This adventure is certainly not for the faint of heard due to its steep climbs and dangerouns passages. The Inka Trail overlooks the ruins of Machu Picchu and the Urubamba Valley.

Provence – France

6.provenceAlthough not as dangerous as jungle trekking, the Provence region in France is one of the best if not the perfect spot for cycling enthusiasts. This particula place in France is filled with charming rural areas, with twisting roads and 2000 year old Roman aqueducts. However don’t expect Provence to be a one-activity destination as it is also known to be host to many others like cliff climbing, skydiving, alpine skiing and horseback riding.

Ambergris Caye – Belize in the Caribbean

Shark Alley at Hol Chan reserve, Ambergris Caye,Belize

Ambergris Caye is Belize’s largest island and is sometimes overlooked by tourists that travel in the Caribbean. This gem of the Atlantic Ocean offers many water sport and water adventure activities. Our of the many ac tivities tourists can partake in on Ambergris Caye diving and snorkeling are probably the more common ones, with sailing, kayaking and fishing following closely.

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