Adventure Travel Ideas for 2013, Part II

Adventure Travel Ideas for 2013, Part II

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In the second part of the Adventure Travel Ideas for 2013 list we will take you through beautiful sandy beaches in the Caribbean, through grasslands in Africa and Highlands in Scottland and all the way up to the peaks of the world in the Himalayan mountains of Nepal.

Ideas for all types of travel adventure:

Trip Guardian’s 15 choices for adventure travel this year should include all types of adventures, sports, trekking, hiking, biking and many more, from mountain peaks to sandy shores. Read on and see which one makes your inner traveller smile more:

Kenya - Maasai Mara National Reserve

8-kenyaMore than 500 square kilometers of african grasslands, acacia forests and croc-filled rivers lie in wait for you in southwestern Kenya. African safaris have long been favorite activities for the adventure traveler and Kenya is one of the best travel destinations that can provide all that you need. Jeep tours or hot air baloon safaris offer a nice scenic view of one of the most wonderful events on the planet, the wildebeest migrations during the July – October period.


9-croatiaOne of the best places in Europe where you can practice rafting and kayaking is Croatia. Here you can find Grade 3 and 4 river courses but also sea kayaking. Water sports isn’t the only thing this country has to offer. With access to a beautifull azure coast Croatia gives its visitors the oportunity to experience limestone cliff climbing or sailing to all of its 1.200 small islands.


10-nepalConquering mountains is synonymous with Nepal, as it is the host country of the highest peak on the planet. Mount Everest and it’s neighboring giant mountains are the ultimate challenge for mountain climbers. But Nepal has more to offer even for the less initiated as it provides access to wildlife jungle safaris, rafting, paragliding and of course, trekking through the Himalayan kingdom.

Victoria Falls – Matabeleland North Provice in Zimbabwe

11.victoria-fallsThe Matabeleland Province in North Zimbabwe is home to Victoria Falls, the largest single curtain waterfall in the world. The 1.6 kilometer wide and 100 meter deep waterfall has inspired many thrill seekers to engage in adventurous activities. This region is know for many activities like bungee jumping, whitewater rafting, abseiling as well as helicopter flights over the falls and game drivers.

Scottish Highlands

12-scottish-highlandA beautiful country all around, Scotland is home to some of the most beautiful highlands in the world. Perfect for hiking or bike rides, the Scottish Highlands will definitely enchant each and every traveler. You can experience the highlands while trekking north on the West Highland Way from Glasgow up to Loch Lomond, Scotland’s first national park.

Rhone-Alpes – France

13-rhone-aplesThe mountains that cross the French, Swiss and Italian borders have become the number one destination for mountain related activities. The Rhone – Alpes region in France is the largest ski area in the World. The area itself is home to 8 natural parks and gives travellers the oportunity to experience winter sports, rock climbing and hiking being home to the Winter Olympics. It is also a beautiful place to visit outside the cold season as when the snow melts the lavander blooms and the green emerges.

Northern Norway

14-norwayKnow as the Land of the Midnight Sun, Norway is home to the Northern Lights, great skiing spots and treks along the fjords. The mountains of Norway are the Lygen Alps, tall enough to provide many spots for off-piste skiing, dog sledding, raindeer trekking or snowmobiling. Other adeventure activities are also available during the hotter seasons such as kayaking, hiking or glacier walks.

Out Islands – Caribbean

15-caribbeanThe islands of the Caribbean have been iconic travel destinations for many, many years now, and for good reason. The Out Islands of the Caribbean are synonymous with aquatic sports, such as scuba diving and big game fishing. These islands are host to many activities for all tastes and all ages like kayaking, sailing, beach combing, hikes, bike rides and of course offer beaches for those lazy days during which you only want to lay in the shade and listed to the waves.









We hope our list of 15 top adventure locations for this year will help you choose the perfect holiday spot for you, your family or your travel mates. As always, travel safe and alwys remember to pack a good and comprehensive travel insurance policy.

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