Backpacker’s travel insurance advice

Backpacker’s travel insurance advice

A policy aimed for the adventurous travelers, backpacker’s travel insurance can be of real help while traveling for a long period of time over a large number of destinations or simply taking an adventure trip backpacking through nature. This insurance policy offers special protection such as search and rescue or additional coverage against theft.

Why choose backpacker’s insurance:

There are several reasons why purchasing backpacker’s travel insurance is better than getting a single trip insurance. First of all, backpacker’s insurance will cover you for a longer period of time than a regular single trip insurance making it especially good for backpacking trips through Europe. The regular coverage term for backpacker’s insurance is 15 months with the possibility of adding more coverage time up to 18 months.

One additional advantage to backpacker’s travel insurance is that most of the insurers sell the policy at a reduced cost for students. One disadvantage to this policy concerning age is that it will generally cover only up to the age of 51.

What makes backpacker’s travel insurance really good is the extra coverage for medical emergencies, search and rescue operations and additional sports activities coverage. With these three situations covered, you should feel safe on your adventure trip.

24 Hour Emergency Assistance:

Most insurance providers will offer 24 hour multi-lingual emergency assistance. Policyholders can use this option to call the insurer for advice and support at any hour of the day. This can be extremely helpful while traveling in countries where the native tongue is unknown to you.

Backpacking advice:

Before purchasing backpackers travel insurance it is important to declare any health issues that may affect the policy as undeclared pre-existing medical conditions will not be covered.

If you think of taking a backpacking trip through Europe you may want to consider applying for free for a European Health Insurance Card. An EHIC will allow you to access medical treatment with reduced costs and in some cases even free of charge, depending on the medical facility.

While traveling always remember to keep a copy of your travel insurance policy with you at all time and a backup copy in your hotel room with your luggage. This way even in case of lost luggage or mugging you will always have your insurance policy safe. The same goes for your EHIC, passport and personal documentation, always keep it on you.

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