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Advice on traveling with Diabetes

Diabetes is a pre-existing medical condition that can sometimes make traveling really difficult and buying travel insurance an even more difficult task. Normal travel insurance will never cover a diabetic, however, special insurance policies do exist that will cover a traveler suffering from any type of diabetes. Planning to travel as a diabetic? Before you…
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8 Business Trip Preparation Tips

One of the most common practices of large and small companies nowadays are business trips. Employers often send their employees on business trips to attend meeting conferences, to close deals with overseas partners or clients or simply to learn new skills and return home a better employee. Whatever the reason for your next business trip,…
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Backpacker’s travel insurance advice

A policy aimed for the adventurous travelers, backpacker’s travel insurance can be of real help while traveling for a long period of time over a large number of destinations or simply taking an adventure trip backpacking through nature. This insurance policy offers special protection such as search and rescue or additional coverage against theft. Why…
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4 Tips for Traveling in The UK

England is and has been for a long time one of the most popular tourist destinations with the capital city of London as one of the most visited destinations. The UK draws tourists in with its charm, history, pubs and people. London is not the only lovely place in the UK however. There are many…
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