Annual Multi Trip

Annual Multi Trip

Annual Multi Trip Insurance
  • Medical emergencies;
  • Trip cancellation;
  • Personal liability;
  • Loss of documents.

One of the most common types of travel insurance policies, especially for travelers that are required to travel more than once each year is the annual multi trip travel insurance. As the name of this product implies, annual travel insurance can cover the policyholder during trips for an entire year, regardless of the number of trips he takes.

The basics of annual multi trip travel insurance:

Annual-Multi-Trip-Travel-Insurance-Features2Annual multi-trip travel insurance is created for those travelers that are required to travel more than once per year. Usually, people that travel internationally due to business purposes choose this type of policy because it is more convenient to purchase one multi-trip policy instead of a single trip travel insurance policy for each trip.

The period of coverage for annual multi trip travel insurance is a set number of travelling days, usually 35 or more with more coverage being available for purchase, depending on the insurer you choose to get a quote from. The 35 days covered by annual multi trip travel insurance are available over a period of 12 months.

Multi trip travel insurance is especially convenient for people that benefit from last minute trips or people that are required by their employer to travel on business multiple times in one year.Most of the times it is cheaper and much more convenient to purchase one multi trip travel insurance policy than single trip insurance for each trip.

What does annual multi trip travel insurance cover?

Like single trips insurance policies, annual multi trip policies have different options and levels of coverage. First of all you can choose the number of effective days covered in the 12 month period. Usually the coverage periods range between 31 days and 120 days in a 12 month period. Here are the basic types of coverage you can benefit from with 31 day annual multi trip travel insurance:

• Medical coverage. This includes emergency medical expenses as well as repatriation, dental treatment and hospital confinement costs;
• Trip cancellation coverage. Cancellation coverage will also provide protection against loss of trip plan deposits;
• Personal accident coverage. This type of coverage will offer financial protection against loss of limbs, permanent total disablement or even death;
• Loss of personal possessions. Depending on the insurer and policy you choose, the list of personal possessions covered can be different. With this type of coverage you can cover each item individually or purchase coverage for your entire valuables;
• Documents, passport and personal money coverage;
• Personal liability and rented accommodation coverage;
• Legal expenses coverage;
• Hijack, mugging and catastrophe coverage;
• Special coverage for sports such as Golf and golfing equipment; This includes gold equipment hire, the golf pack, golf course closure with daily coverage and hole-in-one-cover.

The advantages of annual multi trip travel insurance:

• Added convenience for adventurous travelers that benefit from last minute bookings;
• Time saved booking travel insurance before each trip;
• Extra coverage compared to single trip travel insurance. Can cover a wider range of sports and activities such as weddings, winters sports and other activities;
• Provides continuous cover. Once you purchase the annual coverage you will not have to contact the insurer to renew the policy until the 12 months have expired;
• Flexible policies with a large number of extra coverage possibilities.

The disadvantages of annual multi trip travel insurance:

• Can sometimes be unnecessarily expensive if used for a small number of trips;
• Sometimes, policies come with high excess levels;
• Some insurance providers will not offer annual multi trip insurance for travelers over the age of 65.