About Us

About Us

Trip Guardian is an independent website working with travel insurance specialists from the UK to provide quality policies to all European travelers.

We provide a free travel insurance quotation service for all British and UE residents in need of a reliable insurance provider while also searching for comprehensive coverage at a good price.

Instant travel insurance quotes:

TripGuardian.co.uk offers a wide range of policies to meet the needs of all types of travelers. Here you can get instant travel insurance quotes for your exact travel needs. Our online quote calculator will help you find the policy best suited for you and your group, regardless of the number of people in your party, the age of you and your travel companions or destination of choice.

Through our quotation tool you can gain access to a large number of travel insurance possibilities, depending on your needs. Here you can find single trip, annual multi-trip insurance, and special insurance for winter sports for travelling in Europe or Worldwide.

Getting the right coverage:

One important thing to know about travel insurance is that not all policies are same. As a traveler, you must always know what you need covered during your trips. With such a wide variety of policy types, you will certainly find the one that will fully cover you and your travel companions. Here is where you can get medical coverage, cancellation coverage and even coverage for winter sports or dangerous activities such as scuba diving, surfing or bungee jumping.

Our goal:

TripGuardian.co.uk we want to make sure that you as a traveler get the best possible policy, with the most comprehensive coverage at the best possible cost. With safety and quality in mind, we help all European travelers in need of travel insurance find the best possible deal in an instant.

One other important thing we wish to accomplish is enhance the awareness for safety while travelling. Travel insurance is a great tool that can make the difference in a trip when things go wrong. Travelling safely is the only way to travel.